Professional creams developed by SaponLabs at the University Hospital in Geneva

We are proud to announce that N'ilk’s professional foot creams from the winter series and for dry and damaged skin, developed by SaponLabs, have been selected to perform treatments and for providing practical courses to students of the College of Podiatry at the University Hospital of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland).

A series of foot creams was created as a result of cooperation of the SaponLabs’ scientific team with a professional Swiss podiatrist. The search for the perfect composition of natural vegetable oils and essential oils, which would ensure consistency, absorption and hydration adequate to the skin's feet as well as a pleasant smell, took us several months. However, it was worth it, because thanks to the obtained formulation, creams undergo a quick absorption and leave the skin soft and silky without an oily layer. The developed series includes a cream for daily care, a cream for dry and damaged skin, as well as two seasonal creams: for winter and summer. In the near future, we are also planning to distribute this professional line of creams within the European Union.

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