SaponLabs and N'ilk collaboration

On 19.05.2017, the jubilee congress of podology for the 40th anniversary of the Swiss Society of Podology took place in Lausanne (Switzerland) in the exhibition hall of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

N'ilk (Nature's Ilk), a swiss cosmetic company, also had a stand on display at the podology fair, presenting for the first time a series of natural foot creams created and produced by Saponlabs. The creams come in several types: base cream, summer cream, winter cream and dry skin cream.

As a result of the collaboration bewteen N'ilk's podiatrist and Saponlabs' R & D department, we have developed a unique formulation based solely on natural vegetable oils and essential oils that effectively help to cope with skin ailments of the foot. To stay in line with the trends for ever-increasing environmental protection, N'ilk has developed the concept of hand-blown glass pump containers. The glass containers can easily be sterilized and refilled with sachets of cream produced by SaponLabs, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated in the process.

The creams created by Saponlabs were welcomed with great interest, as evidenced by the fact that the samples intended for the congress sold out almost instantly.

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